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Services (now accepting credit cards)

Just Massages will work with your schedule to provide exceptional service in a serine, aromatherapeutic environment. Our goal is to have an atmosphere where clients can have a quiet and relaxing environment to enjoy the art of massage.

Therapeutic Massage

Custom blend of essential oils applied with a light massage on specific areas for detoxification and stress relief. This rhythmic massage will help calm, energize both mind and body. $75.00 per hour

Trigger Points

This technique addresses highly irritable spots in the muscle tissue that contribute critically to pain. Helps to release points of tension from the memory cells of muscles accumulated through the years. $75.00 per hour

Myofascial Release

Restores balance to the body by releasing tension in the fascia to mobilize it and facilitate movement. Alleviates acute and chronic pain, decreases stress on many levels and improves overall mobility function of the body. $75.00 per hour

Swedish Massage

A nice flowing massage that connects your whole body. All strokes are applied in the direction of the heart. This technique helps stimulate circulation, frees adhesions, decreases swelling, releases tension and relaxes the whole body. $65.00 per hour

Deep Tissue

An advanced Swedish technique that specifically addresses the deeper layers of muscle tissue. This massage releases chronic patterns of tension in the body with slow strokes and deep pressure to target area. $75.00 per hour


This energy technique works with the subtle vibrations your body sends out helping to restore energy and vitality. $65.00 per hour

Sports Massage

Improves athletic performance and increases flexibility through stretches. Helps in athletic recovery, post event soreness and relieves soreness after exercise. $75.00 per hour

Chair Massage

15 minutes - $20.00

30 minutes - $35.00

60 minutes - $65.00


Massage of the hands or feet applying pressure to specific points to benefit other parts of the body. $75.00 per hour

Additional Services

Aromatherapy - $5.00

Paraffin Wax - $5.00

Genie Rub - $5.00

Call for additional information on:

Bridal Party Packages • Pregnancy Massage Packages • Multiple Massage Discounts  

Cancellation Policy: We require 24-hour notice for cancellations. Missed appointments or cancellations with less than 24-hour notice will be charged $25.00. This is done because we block that time for you and turn down other appointments.

Just Massages gift certificates are available!

Use your credit card to make four purchases and get the 5th purchase free.

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